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Configuration Files & Environmental Variables

The data provider's configuration files and environmental variables are both mechanisms for conveying the data provider's configuration information to its operating environment (e.g. the host server, connecting node, or KlayOracle protocol). However, unlike config files, environmental variables contain secret values and shouldn't be committed to your code repository.
In KlayOracle, data provider configuration files are defined within the data-providers/config.yml file, while environmental variables are defined in the data-providers/.env file.
To get up and running quickly, edit the sample config file, and copy the contents of env.example to your data-providers/.env file.
specifies the environment in which the data provider is currently running. Choices: - dev - stage - prod
the IP address of the node which the data provider is connected to.
feed dictionary
path string
Path to the folder where the data provider's adapters (aka data feeds) are defined. This path is relative to the data-providers folder,
adapters list
list of data feeds (aka adapters) you want the node to aggregate. each data feed must match the file name in the folder defined in the "path" property. Any adapter not defined within this list will not be aggregated by the node, even if its active property is set to true. the
Your organization website.
This should be left blank
Data providers require the node's self-signed public certificate to communicate securely with the node via SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This file should be saved within the data-provider/certs/node folder.
  • Relative path to the folder where the adapters (or data feeds) are defined. This path is
  • The list of adapters
To reference environmental variables as values in your config.yaml file (or other , use the syntax ${ENV_VAR}.