How to create content & become a DigiOracle Champion

How to get started as a creator in the DigiOracle Champion Program.

✅ Step 1: Fill the application form

Start by filling out this Google form with your contact information, as well as your idea. Ideas are not limited to only articles, but may also include videos, presentations, and contributions to the DigiOracle codebase.

To strengthen your application, include references to past work.

See the DigiOracle Champion Trello board for examples of content you could create.

✅ Step 2: Reviewing the Application

Our team reviews each application individually, and if you're selected, we'll reach out to you in 24-48 hours via email/discord/Telegram to discuss the uniqueness and value of your idea. This phase may also include an evaluation call if necessary.

The rewards amount will also be decided in this phase. Note that rewards amount depends on content uniqueness, complexity and demand.

If we approve the request, your content will be added to the Backlog on the Trello board.

If this is your first Champion application, and you are selected, you'll be added to a Telegram group with other Champions for easier communication, collaboration, and networking.

✅ Step 3: Start creating content

Start creating your content at this point. Once an idea is being worked on, it is moved to the Doing section in the Trello board.

Please follow the Contribution Guidelines and Tutorial Structure (if you're creating a tutorial) while working on your idea.

✅ Step 4: Submit your work

For documentation

Fork the repo, create a new branch and make your changes within that branch. Once your edits are complete, create a pull request.

Follow PR guidelines before creating PR.

For tutorials

Create a .md file and paste your article/tutorial. Send the .md file to your Champion group admin, or for review.

Note - The file name should be in the format of and title should be in lowercase and separated by hyphens.

Make sure you follow the Tutorial Structure before sending your article.

For codebase contribution

If you want to contribute to any of the existing DigiOracle repos, fork the repo, create a new branch and make your changes within that branch. Once your edits are complete, create a pull request and notify your Champion group admin or

Follow PR guidelines before creating PR.

If you're creating (or have created) an open-source tool for DigiOracle on your own, and would like to be rewarded for it as a Champion, fill the application form linked above with a link to your repo, and inform your Champion group admin or for attribution and potential rewards.

For other content

For approved videos, social media posts, presentations, etc, send the content to your Champion group admin or, who will arrange a review with the responsible DigiOracle team member.

✅ Step 5: Review Process

Our team will review the content ASAP and suggest changes either in the same PR (for documentation and codebase contributions) or within the Trello board / Telegram (for other types of content).

Once the content is approved, it will be merged on GitHub, or published on the relevant channel, depending on the content type. The content will be also moved to Done on the Trello board.

✅ Step 6: Receive Payout

Once your content has been approved and published, you will be asked to issue an invoice to DigiOracle, after which payout will be made within a maximum of two weeks after the invoice has been received.

Relevant information about invoices and payouts will be communicated by the Champion group admin.

If you have any other questions, please view our FAQs or contact us at

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