📔KlayOracle Documentation

Decentralized oracle protocol for the Klaytn blockchain ⛓️

KlayOracle's documentation is an active Work-in-Progress. To contribute, open a pull request on the GitHub repo.

KlayOracle is an open-source oracle framework to securely integrate off-chain data with Klaytn smart contracts. With KlayOracle, smart contracts can securely and easily query for price feeds, random numbers, sports data, blockchain data, NFT data and other valuable off-chain data sets to use within their decentralized applications.

KlayOracle can power DeFi apps such as DEXs (decentralized exchanges), NFT marketplaces, and yield aggregators, among many others… Sample use cases include generating randomly unique numbers for NFT IDs, fetching sports data for betting smart contracts, and price pairs for staking, exchange, or lending smart contracts.

KlayOracle currently supports smart contracts on the Klaytn blockchain.


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