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About the DigiOracle Champion Program

Join a growing community of content creators supporting the DigiOracle ecosystem.

Create, earn, and grow as a DigiOracle Champion

DigiOracle Champions are community members who are passionate about expanding DigiOracle's mission of enabling the adoption of real-world use cases in Web3. They are developers, educators and content creators interested in creating and sharing technical content with the community, and onboarding newcomers into the community.

Why become a DigiOracle Champion?

  • Create: Write blogs, documentation, videos, or designs to help onboard node operators, data providers and developers to build with DigiOracle.
  • Earn: Receive bounties (up to 200 USDT) from your work, learn and earn for your contributions to the ecosystem.
  • Grow: Work closely with members of the DigiOracle Community to find new opportunities.

What you'll create

  • Documentation: Create reference materials for tools and products within the DigiOracle ecosystem.
  • Blogs: Write updates and announcements for the DigiOracle community.
  • Tutorials: Build project based tutorials to support developers, node operators, data providers and other participants in the DigiOracle network.
  • Videos: Produce step-by-step video tutorials to improve the experience of participants in the ecosystem, including node operators, data providers and developers.
  • Contribute to codebase: Create open-source tools, or become an official contributor to existing tools on our GitHub.
  • Presentations: Prepare presentations for events or live demonstrations.
  • Social media posts: Help spread the word about DigiOracle and increase adoption of DigiOracle tools and products among developers in the Web3 ecosystem.

How it works

  • Submit application: First, make sure to read the application steps, and then complete the application form to be considered for the program.
  • Create content: Suggest new ideas or pick up requests from our public roadmap.
  • Earn rewards: Earn between 20 - 200 USDT once your content is approved and published.
Reward amounts are determined before work begins and cannot be changed after getting started on the project. No more than 200 USDT will be awarded for a project. Please keep this in mind when defining the scope of your work.


Payments are awarded in USDT to your Wallet Address based on the projects you complete. These may either be paid per project or per length of engagement as defined in your project scope.

Additional Resources

Explore these resources to learn more about the DigiOracle Champion program.